R+: New Formulation

R+: New Formulation

We are always working hard to ensure all the products in Your Signature Range are of the highest quality. To this end, we are pleased to announce that we are launching an improved version of our popular R+ product. This is not a radically different formulation and most of the active ingredients will remain the same. R+ has been reformulated to include the latest technology as well as making it more environmentally friendly and sustainable. The new formulation will increase hydration and support Retinol dose titration. R+ no longer petrochemical derivatives and we have also removed some potential skin irritants and added skin-hydrating and calming agents. Here is a rundown of the key ingredients in the new R+:

Old and New Formulations

Ingredients we are keeping

We are keeping all the active ingredients that have made R+ such a successful product.

Ingredients we have added

We have added a variety of new ingredients to make R+ more efficacious and sustainable.

Ingredients we have removed

As well as adding new efficacious ingredients, we have also improved the environmental credentials of R+ by removing several potentially harmful ingredients.

As part of our ongoing commitment to making Your Signature Range as efficacious as possible, we will soon be making improvements to other products in the range. Since 5 Squirrels was founded in 2014, new ingredients have become available which will make the products even more effective than the original formulations. We will update you on these improvements very soon.

Posted: Thursday 12 May 2022