Product Event Report

Cosmetic products are amongst the safest products available to the consumer. They are regulated by strict European laws (specifically the EU Cosmetic Products Regulation 1223/2009) that require cosmetics to be assessed for safety and must be safe for use before they are placed on the market. That assessment must be carried out by a scientific expert, a cosmetic safety assessor, whose qualifications are laid down in the cosmetics laws.

5 Squirrels manufacture all products with conformance of ISO 9001:2015 standards certified for the manufacture and supply of cosmetic products incorporating Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

It is though true that almost any substance, natural or man‐made, has the potential to produce a reaction in someone, somewhere. Each person is different, and we might find we are allergic to substances that others use or consume without any problems.

If you have had an adverse reaction please complete the form below, this allows us to investigate the issue and ensure safety and consistency in our manufacturing process.

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Have skin tests been performed with suspected cosmetic products.
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I hereby give my permission for 5 Squirrels to share the  personal information provided by yourself with other service providers in connection with there care, including accessing and sharing their medical, and if applicable, mental health records. I understand that 5 Squirrels and its partner organisations may hold information gathered about the patient from the various agencies and as such their rights under the Data Protection Act will not be affected.                           

Statement of Consent:

·       I understand that personal information is held about the patient. 

·       You have had the opportunity to discuss the implications of sharing or not sharing information about the patient.

This data will be used in line with the 5 Squirrels Privacy Policy



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