Bespoke Formulation Concept Form

Please read and give us as much information as possible to help us create the formulation of your dreams.

Customer Details

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How do you wish the product to function?

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Product Benefits

 ncreased Cell Turnover
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Please specify the fragrance(s) you would like your formulation to contain:

Active Ingredients & Concentrations

List the active ingredients and their concentrations you would like the formulation to contain:

Predicate Products

Are there any predicate products on the market you would like to base this product on?

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Please let us know your budget and quantity requirements so we can generate an accurate quote.

How many units of the final formulation would you like to be produced:
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After receiving this form we will conduct an initial feasibility study. Once the feasibility of your project is confirmed a one-off £250.00 payment is required to produce a full white paper formulation (WPF) of your formulation, a cost price will also be given on completion of the WPF.

This cost is subject to change depending on the actual product developed and packaging selected.

 When you approve the WPF a £1250.00 one off product development cost is due which includes 

  • 3 product iterations of product samples based upon the approved WPF any additional product iterations will be charged at £100.00 per iteration.
  • Preservative efficacy testing
  • Stability Testing
  • Comparability Testing

50% of the total project cost is due after preservative efficacy testing and prior to production. The remaining balance is due for payment prior to product shipment.

Quotes do not include pricing for external packaging, cosmetic packaging, or screen-printing.

We will assist in sourcing and help you design these, and we do not mark these up so you can pay the supplier directly for these at cost. The quote excludes any shipping and duties.

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